Jeweller Laser Repairs & Engraving

Laser Repairs

On-site we offer laser welding of precious metals with high quality invisible joining in platinum, palladium, gold, silver and other jewellery metals.


Using filler wires of the same material not solder paste, strong joints can be achieved without compromising quality or speed.


We can carry out repair of damaged jewellery without unsetting heat-sensitive stones makes the task easier, faster and safer by laser.


Antique pieces can be repaired with only local heating, thus preserving the quality and appearance of the item.


Typical applications for laser welding in the jewellery workshop include:


  • Porosity removal from cast pieces

  • Ring sizing in jewellery metals without any visible line

  • Retipping and repairing single and multiple claws 

  • Contemporary stone settings (wire desins)

  • Antique jewellery repair in silver and other metals

Laser Jewelllery Repairs

Recent Repair


Ladies 9ct yellow gold Bracelet all links had worn out and in need of replacement.

With the use of our onsite laser, we were able to replace all the links without the need for heat. 

as the stones could remain in the settings this cut down the cost by approximately 50%


Laser Engraving

Here at Phillips Jewellers we work very closely with a Birmingham based Engravers that can offer Unusual laser engraving services.


We can have engraved a variety of precious metals with various styles of designs.


Finger prints

Your personal handwriting

Child's drawings


And anything else you could think of